Commercial Vehicle Financing FAQ - Davie, FL

FINANCING OPTIONS for Nissan Commercial Vehicles and FAQ

Purchasing a New Commercial Vehicle at Weston Nissan in Davie

When purchasing a new Nissan Commercial Vehicle in Florida, the customer contributes an initial down payment to the total cost, and then pays the remaining balance in monthly installments over the loan's terms.  Monthly payment dollars actually account for two payment types: a principal payment (which reduces the amount owed) and an interest payment.

Usually, only the interest payment qualifies as a deductible business expense. It is also important to note that any depreciation of the vehicle's value over its service life is normally counted as a separate expense for tax purposes.

After paying off the purchase loan, the customer owns the vehicle completely, and may continue to use it for commercial purposes or sell or trade it.

Leasing a New Commercial Vehicle at Weston Nissan in Florida

As opposed to an outright purchase, a lease requires the lessee to only pay for a portion of a vehicle's total cost. As in a purchase agreement, the lease amount is still paid in monthly payments over lease's terms. The portion of the vehicle's cost not covered by the customer is called "residual value."

The balance between the actual price of the vehicle and its potential residual value is important to the leasing process, since it governs how much the lessee will pay.

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Frequently Asked Commercial Vehicle Financing Questions

How is the cost of a commercial vehicle lease calculated at Weston Nissan?

We start with the negotiated selling price of the vehicle (sometimes referred to as the capitalized cost), and subtract from that figure the residual value. The product of this equation equals the lease amount which we can then multiply by the lease factor to discover the total lease cost.

What does the term "lease factor" mean?

The "lease factor" determines how much the lessee will pay in lease charges over the terms of a lease. The lease factor is not dissimilar to the interest rate charged on a purchase loan.

What is the meaning of "lease term"?

The period of time for which a lease agreement is written is called the "lease term." Business customers typically have several options available at the end of their lease terms.

What are the options at lease termination?

At Weston Nissan Commercial Vehicles in Davie, Florida, the end of term options are as follows:

  1. Purchase vehicle for residual amount specified in lease agreement.
  2. Extend lease by financial residual value.
  3. Turn in the vehicle.

What factors affect how the lease residual is calculated?
The residual value depends on multiple factors, including:
  1. Expected use.
  2. Length of lease terms.
  3. Vehicle make and model.
  4. Expected average annual mileage.
What's the first thing I should know about purchasing a new commercial vehicle from Weston Nissan in Davie?

In a new commercial vehicle purchase, the customer makes a down payment on the cost, and pays the balance in monthly payments over the term of the loan. Within the financing industry, the acronym "MAST" is used to describe the business factors that influence the type of financing used:

  1. Mileage.
  2. Application.
  3. Specifications.
  4. Terms of Service.

Why should MAST influence my decision to purchase or lease a new commercial vehicle in Florida?

  1. Mileage: The number of miles anticipated for the vehicle's service life affects the financing decision, particularly with leases.
  2. Application: The specific use of the vehicle may be very important in the financing decision. Vehicles that are subject to a great deal of wear and tear may need special purchase or lease arrangements.
  3. Specifications: The exact vehicle configuration, including accessories and unfitting will influence the financing decision.
  4. Terms of Service: The length of time the vehicle is expected to be in service is also important to financing.

What are terms I should I keep in mind when purchasing a new commercial vehicle?

  1. Monthly Payment: The monthly payment amount will always include a principal payment and an interest payment.
  2. Depreciation: Depreciation can be tracked as a business expense.
  3. Payoff: Customer owns the vehicle outright, and may continue to use it or sell it.

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